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1 – The Incubation Period

The first step leading toward the organization of the ADI was Davis’s draft plan for a world bibliography of science, which he followed up in 1933 with a proposal for a Scientific Information Institute (SIT). These plans did not materialize, but they attracted funds that enabled Davis to carry out documentation projects within Science Service. [...]

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From Documentation to Information Science Caught up in the excitement, the anxieties, and the pressures of our interconnected world, we can overlook the way, technology has extended human capabilities. Our tools are changing as new developments in computing and telecommunication are being announced at an increasing pace. These changes require reexamining concepts, principles, and policies [...]

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Introduction, Abbreviations

Introduction This book examines the emergence of documentation/information science in the United States through the activities of the American Society for Information Science (ASIS). It traces the origin of ASIS in post-World War I Washington, the beginning of the organization in the 1930s as the American Documentation Institute (ADI), and its early activities. The work [...]

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From DOCUMENTATION to INFORMATION SCIENCE The Beginnings and Early Development of the American Documentation Institute — American Society for Information Science Irene S. Farkas-Conn CONTRIBUTIONS IN LIBRARIANSHIP AND INFORMATION SCIENCE, Number 67 GREENWOOD PRESS New York • Westport, Connecticut • London Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Farkas-Conn, Irene Sekely, 1928- From documentation to information science [...]