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10 – A New Profession, A Changed Society

The path that led from Watson Davis’s interest in improving scientific communication to the foundation of the ADI took a sharp turn in 1952, when the ADI was reorganized into a professional society. After the change, as in ancient mythologies, new leaders were now setting the course of the institute; its founder, Watson Davis, had [...]

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9 – A Threat, A Shift, and a New ADI

Bibliographic activities in the country were teeming; the appearance of the first computers and increased automatic data processing led to exploring the fundamentals of information and mechanizing information retrieval in smaller collections. The challenge of setting up and operating large-scale bibliographic operations and establishing new technical information centers brought together librarians, technically trained people, administrators, [...]

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8 – International Interests and Steps Toward Revival

As an indirect result of World War II, library interest expanded and documentation activities took on a new dimension. Remarkable developments were taking place in scientific information management and bibliography, and in the developing area of mechanized information retrieval. A few people were embarking on the quest for a theoretical foundation of information work. These [...]

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6 – The War Years, then Information Turmoil

ADI quietly continued its activities during the war. The kinds of operations ADI had initiated were taken over by other agencies and expanded far beyond the scope of the original projects. Libraries were routinely engaged in microfilm copying. Industrial organizations feverishly copied key documents to ensure that provision of strategic products would not be disrupted [...]

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4 – Organizing the American Documentation Institute

Public statements about the Documentation Division of Science Service (DDSS) reflected scholarly vigor and a promising future. Davis, however, was well aware of the March 31, 1937, deadline set by the executive committee and took deliberate steps to organize an independent documentation institute that could continue the DDSS projects. Having learned from the crisis of [...]

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1 – The Incubation Period

The first step leading toward the organization of the ADI was Davis’s draft plan for a world bibliography of science, which he followed up in 1933 with a proposal for a Scientific Information Institute (SIT). These plans did not materialize, but they attracted funds that enabled Davis to carry out documentation projects within Science Service. [...]

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From Documentation to Information Science Caught up in the excitement, the anxieties, and the pressures of our interconnected world, we can overlook the way, technology has extended human capabilities. Our tools are changing as new developments in computing and telecommunication are being announced at an increasing pace. These changes require reexamining concepts, principles, and policies [...]

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